Interpret and respond to a design brief (Release 1)

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Code: BSBDES402




This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to interpret and creatively respond to a design brief through the production of work.

It applies to individuals working in any industry or design context where work is prescribed by a commissioning agent/client in a brief. Individuals are required to integrate the creative, communication and planning processes that support effective response to a design brief.

Work is carried out independently, although guidance is available if required.

No licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to this unit at the time of publication.


Unit Sector

Design – Design Process


Contains the following documents

  • New Assessment Criteria and Definitions (in MS Word Format)
  • New Evidence Document  (in MS Word Format)
  • Instructor Workbook/Guide (in MS Word Format)
  • Learner Workbook (in MS Word Format)
  • Learner Guide  (in MS Word Format)
  • New Improved Session Plan (in MS Word Format)
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Assessment Matrix (Mapping Document)


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