Work within a community development framework (Release 1) (SUPERSEDED BY CHCAOD003)

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Unit Descriptor

This unit describes the knowledge and skills required to work within a community development framework

A community development framework may include a range of methods designed to strengthen and develop communities by enhancing individual and group capacity to confidently engage with community structures and to address problems and issues


Application of the Unit

Application of a community development framework may be undertaken within the scope of or in conjunction with a range of work roles/areas in the community services industry including specific areas of service delivery, community education activities and working with groups to address issues



Mapping Notes Date
Is superseded by CHCCDE003 - Work within a community development framework

This version was released in CHC Community Services Training Package release 2.0 and meets the requirements of the 2012 Standards for Training Packages. Significant changes to performance criteria New evidence requirements for assessment including volume and frequency requirements 





Contains the following documents

  • New Assessment Criteria and Definitions (in MS Word Format)
  • New Evidence Document  (in MS Word Format)
  • Instructor Workbook/Guide (in MS Word Format)
  • Learner Workbook (in MS Word Format)
  • Learner Guide  (in MS Word Format)
  • New Improved Session Plan (in MS Word Format)
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Assessment Matrix (Mapping Document)


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