Work effectively with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people (Release 1) (SUPERSEDED BY CHCDIV002)

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Code: HLTHIR404D


Unit Descriptor

This unit describes the communication and work practice skills and knowledge required to work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the health industry context

It deals specifically with cross-cultural awareness and issues involving working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals, organisations and communities

Application of the Unit

The unit applies equally to those operating in health care policy or program planning, development and evaluation contexts or in direct service delivery contexts

Application of this unit should be contextualised to reflect any requirements, issues and practices specific to each workplace and/or local community

Contains the following documents

  • New Assessment Criteria and Definitions (in MS Word Format)

  • New Evidence Document  (in MS Word Format)

  • Instructor Workbook/Guide (in MS Word Format)

  • Learner Workbook (in MS Word Format)

  • Learner Guide  (in MS Word Format)

  • New Improved Session Plan (in MS Word Format)

  • PowerPoint presentation

  • Assessment Matrix (Mapping Document)

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