Prepare rooms for guests (Release 1)

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Code: SITHACS003



This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to clean and prepare rooms, including bedrooms and bathrooms, in an accommodation establishment. It requires the ability to set up cleaning equipment and trolleys and to safely clean guest rooms using resources efficiently to reduce negative environmental impacts.

The unit applies to housekeeping attendants in commercial accommodation establishments. They work under supervision and usually as part of a team.

No occupational licensing, certification or specific legislative requirements apply to this unit at the time of publication.


Mapping Notes Date
Supersedes and is equivalent to SITHACS202 - Prepare rooms for guests • Equivalent •Unit updated to meet the Standards for Training Packages.  02/Mar/2016


Contains the following documents

  • Assessment Matrix (Mapping Document)
  • New Assessor Workbook/Guide (in MS Word Format)
  • New Cover Sheet
  • Learner Guide  (in MS Word Format)
  • New Learner Evidence Document
  • Learner Workbook (in MS Word Format)
  • New Observation and Demonstration Checklists
  • New Session Plan (in MS Word Format)
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Supporting documents:
    • Contextualisation guide
    • Training and assessment strategy (TAS)
    • RTO Materials statement of validation
    • Student validation survey
    • Work placement logbook
    • Workplace documentation
    • Workplace evidence


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