Investigate and design e-business solutions (Release 1) (SUPERSEDED BY BSBEBU511)

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This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to evaluate e-business models and strategies, as well as incorporate the results of these evaluations into the design of an e-business solution.

It applies to individuals who possess skills and knowledge in a specialist business area, as well as knowledge of software and other technologies. They apply these skills and knowledge in the evaluation, selection and implementation of new strategies for business, which incorporate e-business solutions. They may be responsible for overseeing these tasks along with technical or other knowledge experts.

No licensing, legislative, regulatory or certification requirements apply to this unit at the time of publication.


Unit Sector

Information and Communications Technology – E-Business


Mapping Notes Date
Supersedes and is equivalent to BSBEBU501A - Investigate and design e business solutions Updated to meet Standards for Training Packages  24/Mar/2015
Is superseded by and equivalent to BSBEBU511 - Develop and implement an e-business strategy   26/Sep/2018


Contains the following documents

  • Assessment Matrix (Mapping Document)
  • New Assessor Workbook/Guide (in MS Word Format)
  • New Cover Sheet
  • Learner Guide  (in MS Word Format)
  • New Learner Evidence Document
  • Learner Workbook (in MS Word Format)
  • New Observation and Demonstration Checklists
  • New Session Plan (in MS Word Format)
  • PowerPoint presentation


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